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Resolution of

V International Scientific-Practical Conference

DevelopmentoftheCivilSociety: SpiritualityandtheLaw,

dedicated to the1025thAnniversaryoftheBaptismofKievRus

(Sinegora, 26-29 September, 2013)

Participantsof theV International Scientific-Practical ConferenceDevelopment of the Civil Society: Spirituality and the Lawsupportthe initiative ofthe

Ministry of Justice of Ukraine,

State Registration Service of Ukraine,

Authorized Representative of the Supreme Council of Ukraine

on Human Rights,

Coordinator of OSCE Projects in Ukraine,

Main Department of Justicein Ivano-Frankivsk region,

Carpathian National University named after VasylStefanik,

International Academy of Spiritual Sciences,

European Business Assembly (Oxford)


- to regularlyconvene the International conference onimportant issues,whichwere the subjectof this conference;


- to strengthen theactualityof the conferenceobjectives, which consist inattractingattentionof government bodies, civil society institutions, scientificinstitutionsto the problemof anthropologicalcrisis and itsroots that exist in the sphere of morality and legal culture;


- tonotethe need to assimilate thehistorical examples of the valuable culture systems, on which the "Spirit" ofEurope and eurointegration: "Acropolis", "Capitol", "Calvary" are based.Their unity symbolizesthe spiritualsynthesis of cultural heritageof ancient Greekrationalism, Romansense of justice and Christian faithin modern Europeancivilization, in the history ofthe formation anddevelopment of civil society;


- to point out thatUkraineas an organic partof the familyof Europeannations is inthe process of creatingof harmonioussystem of interaction betweenthe government, civil society, cultural and educationalinstitutions, which aims toensurethe effectiveimplementation of the Constitutionand thelaws onrealization of the rightsand freedoms ofits citizens, the legal protection of their interestsand spiritual values;


- to emphasize that in thesocial partnership systemimportant is the harmoniousrelationship of the legal consciousnesswith other forms ofculture, especially with morality, religion, art. Rightwithout moralityturns intoauthoritarianism andbureaucracy, and morality without right into the "weakness in action". Becauseeven todaythere are examplesof moralnihilism, "makkiavellizm" or "pseudo-christianity"in the political,legal, economic regulationof social relations,in relation toindividuals, social groups, civilsocietyunion.


The participantsof the International conferenceon the basis ofanalysis anddiscussion of current issuesof theory and practiceof the civil society development, interaction betweenlaw andspiritualitycame to the conclusionabout the needof deepening andstrengthening thespiritual aspectsof legal consciousness ofUkrainiansociety, namely,in activities ofcivilsocietyassociations.


The participantsof the International conferenceremind thatthis yearturns 1700years fromthe date of adoption ofthe Edictof ByzantineEmperor Constantinefor the freedomof Christian faith(313 year).It was the firstinstructive example ofthe interactionof law andspirituality,where the juridicallegalizationof Christianitycaused the grandiosechanges in thehistory of Europeancivilization. Withoutspiritualitythe"noosphere"of the civil society,the "ecologyof positivethought", the right ensuringof a healthysocial lifeand peopleare impossible,because:


JUSTICE without love makes person CRUEL.

TRUTH without love makes person a FAULT-FINDER.

UPBRINGING without love makes person TWO FACED.

INTELLECT without love makes person CRAFTY.

HOSPITALITY without love makes person DOUBLE-TONGUED.

COMPETENCE without love makes person INCOMPLIANT.

POWER without love makes person a VIOLATOR.

HONOUR without love makes person ARROGANT.

WEALTH without love makes person GREEDY.

FAITH without love makes person a BIGOT.


Keeping in mind the need for the interaction between spirituality and law in civil society and establishing the decisive role of public associations in moral and legal society harmony, the participants of the International conference recommend:


- to provide the development of the civil society in Ukraine with not only the social-political but also moral and legal factors using the unlimited sources of the Ukrainian spirituality, culture, religious, artistic andaesthetic values;


- to conduct the principles realization of the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine on public associations, rights and freedoms of person with their coverage and promotion in mass media, socialadvertisements, state and non-state channels of communication of citizens;


- to strengthen in the education system the interdisciplinary approach of studying the social and human sciences, namely philosophy, sociology, political science, law, ethics, aesthetics, culture for the creation of contemporary moral and legal consciousness of youth;


- to introduce the  special courses of bioethics, legal and cultural disciplines into the learning process of education the state servants and social workers;


- to develop by scientific institutions, scientific public associations the complex inter-scientific program of the development the modern noology study of Spirit, noosphere Mind that will promote the ecology of thought and healthy way of life;


- to continue the authorities activity in conduction on a regular basis the law educational measures for civil society organizations with the aim to establish the effective interaction with the state;


- topropose to the State Registration Service of Ukraine to prepare the scientific-practical commentary to the Law of Ukraine On public associations, to improve the Register of public associations of Ukraine.


The participants of the International conferencesuggest:


- to bring this resolution to the notice of the state authorities,scientific and educational organizations, mass media and civil society organizations for the common solution of this and other socially important tasks;


- to suggest the International conference participants from other countries to bring this resolution to the notice of the competent authorities in their countries;


- to perform the V International conference in 2014 aiming to summarize the implementation of this resolution, to define the following tasks of cooperation of the authorities and the public.


Accepted by the participants of the IV International Scientific Practical Conference Development of the civil society: spirituality and the law

(Ukraine, Sinegora, September 26-29 2013).





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